Wildland Fire and Emergency Preparation

(Websites and Information)


Wildland Fire


"Living with Wildfire in Wyoming" publication is available online:


Search: Barnyard & Backyards Magazine –archive summer 2012:

      “Survive The Unthinkable If Wildfire Threatens Your Home”



Creating Fire Adapted Communities: A Case Study from Colorado Springs and Waldo Canyon Fire [July 2012]


Emergency Preparation

Search: USDA emergency fact sheets


Emergency Food and Water

There are many resources for information and products in this area. I do not feel comfortable recommending one specific product, or method of storage. It is important for you to examine your needs to determine your best choices. 


Do computer searches for: emergency water, purification and storage; emergency food supplies.


Emergency Sanitation / Hygiene

Do a computer search using the phrase above.  You will find excellent resources.  Do not overlook this important area! Lack of preparation will cause illness, and discomfort.